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As an innovative lithium battery manufacturer with integrated R&D, manufacturing, and sales. Sylonsolar provides distributors and exporters with long-lasting and safe lithium battery solutions for commercial and domestic use.


Land Area In China


Land Area In Vietnam

10 Million KVAH

Anual Capacity Both Vietnam And China


Countries & Territories

Expert Factory of Lithium Battery& One Stop Energy Storage Solution

Sylon Solar is a high-tech energy company that integrates research and development (R&D) with manufacturing services (OEM, OBM, and ODM).
We offer include smart microgrid systems with off-grid functions, industrial and commercial application solutions that combine solar and storage (such as system expansion, peak load shifting, emergency power backup, etc.), the green flexible charging system integrating chargers, solar and storage, etc.

What Can Be Customized By Recreen:

Chinese Lithium Battery Company For Durable Products

We,SYLON SOLAR, have categorized our products into multiple series to cater to different user needs and preferences.

Lead Acid Replacement Battery

Lead Acid Replacement Battery

Rack Mounted Lifepo4 Battery

Rack Mounted Lifepo4 Battery

Power Wall Battery

Power Wall Battery

High Voltage Lithium Battery

High Voltage Lithium Battery

Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

Solar Kit

Solar Kit

Proven And Versatile Application Of Lithium Batteries

SYLON SOLAR has established partnerships with numerous companies across diverse industries. Our lithium batteries offer extensive versatility and can be effectively utilized across a wide range of fields. Investing in our lithium energy storage batteries is highly advantageous and holds significant value.

RV Batteries
RV Application

RV Application

We offer a range of RV / Caravan batteries, including RV starting batteries, 12.8V, 25.6V deep cycle lead acid replacement Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LifePO4 lithium battery). Browse our RV batteries or use our RV battery wizard to find the right product for your needs

Golf Cart
golf cart

Golf Cart

SYLON SOLAR is your go-to for reliable golf cart batteries. We offer a range of batteries that are known for their quality and performance. Our options include EV series lithium ferro phosphate (lfp), 51.2V 100Ah lithium-ion batteries, 12.8V 120Ah lithium batteries, or even custom made lifepo4 batteries

Home Energy Storage
home energy storage

Home Energy Storage

When the power goes out, it can be unsettling. That’s why having a whole home solar energy system with a battery backup is a good idea. It uses solar energy to power your home, and the battery backup ensures electricity during outages. It’s a simple and reliable solution from SYLON SOLAR to store energy in your home.

Commercial Energy Storage
commercial energy storage

Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage

SYLONG SOLAR provides high security and high reliability C&I Energy storage system solution, one-stop integrated battery pack, PCS Control system, fire control system, air conditioning system, monitoring system, Coordinate the efficient operation of each component through control system, absorption and Release energy.

UPS Backup Batteries
ups backup batteries

UPS Backup Batteries

SYLON SOLAR offers reliable UPS backup batteries for your power needs. Our UPS backup batteries are designed to provide uninterrupted power supply during outages, ensuring your devices stay powered and protected. With SYLON SOLAR, you can trust in the quality and performance of our backup batteries to keep your electronics running smoothly.

Telecommunication Lithium Batteries
telecommunication lithium batteries

Telecommunication Lithium Batteries

These batteries are used in cellular base towers, mini-grids, and remote hybrid stations. If you have specific power requirements or can’t find the right batteries, our expert engineers are here to assist you. We’ll find the best battery solution for your needs

Marine Batteries
marine batteries

Marine Batteries

If you’re in need of a new marine battery or backup battery, look no further than SYLON SOLAR. We offer boat lithium ion batteries that are known for their reliability and quality. As a brilliant brand and professional manufacturer, we provide top-notch batteries for your marine needs.

SYLON SOLAR's Service Always Go Extra Mile

SYLON SOLAR provide one-stop integrated energy storage solutions. We provide perfect technical guidanceand after-sale support (reply within 24 hours, give a solution within 48 hours)


OEM, ODM & OBM Available

You can be our brand agent. Of course, whether you want to have your own brand imprinting on our products or even create your company products based on your needs differently, we can help you.


10 Years Warranties

We stand behind the guality and curability of our products and offer 10 years of product warranties to give voupeace of mind in your investment.

after sales

Great After-sale Services

Perhaps you need a litle help wth your instalation, a technical problem, or logistics questions? 0ur friendly technical support team is standing by to help you

Sylon Solar

Trustworthy Lithium Battery Manufacturer Powers Up Your Future


Custom energy storage system integration solution

With our advantaced R & D engineers, Sylon Solar focus on providing users with comprehensive energy services and integrated solutions. And the green flexible charging system integrating chargers, solar and storage, etc.

controller laver

Strong Chinese supply chain network

With our strong Photovoltaic upstream, downstream supply chain including inverter, solar, batteries, and other accessories, we offer customized, cost-effective solutions with improved energy efficiency for your needs and budget.


International QC Standard

SYLON SOLAR has performed charge & discharge test, upper computer test, semi-finished product test, Apperance check, BMS protection test, electric isolation test, EMI test, communication test, heat dissipation test etc. 

Our products have passed international certificates including CE, IEC62619, UL1973, UKCA(UK Market), CEI(Italy market), UN38.3, MSDS,etc.


Efficient Automated production

From cell inspection, welding, component installation, handle assembly, protection plate assembly, relay, pre-charge registor installation, resistance matching, froming battery module, bus bars connection, battery pack sealing. Through the whole process, SYLON SOLAR has make the production as anatomically and efficiently as possible to reduce cost greatly.

Inverter Compatible

Attention inverter distributors and installers! Are you searching for a top-notch solar battery solution for your customers? SYLON SOLAR offers a cutting-edge LiFePO4 solar battery that seamlessly integrates with popular inverters. Our advanced technology ensures maximum efficiency and durability. Even if your solar inverters aren’t on our list, our engineers can adjust modbus settings. Partner with us for the best energy storage solution!


Quality Certificates of Receen Lithium Batteries

Successful Cases

We collaborate with clients across various industries and take pride in showcasing the successful outcomes of our partnerships.

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