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Your Trusted Li-ion Battery Manufacturer​

Our company offers a range of innovative energy storage products to cater to diverse customer needs. Our products include high-efficiency battery energy storage systems, solar energy storage solutions, and smart grid integration technologies.

By providing reliable and sustainable storage solutions, we are committed to driving the transition to clean energy and advancing energy management

12.8v 100ah lithium batteries

Highly efficient low voltage lithium batteries series serve a variety of users, including marine, RV, material handling truck, golf cart, forklift truck, telecommunication,  residential energy storage…

573.2v 100ah energy storage system batteries

Powerful high-voltage lithium battery technology for robust energy storage applications and backup UPS 

5.12kwh power wall lithium batteries

Store solar or grid energy with our home battery solution. Use it day or night, even during outages. Power your home whenever you need it

ac enercube

Maximize energy savings, optimize demand response, and enhance grid stability with our scalable and customizable commercial energy storage solutions

hybrid solar inverter

Harness solar power with our reliable inverters. Maximize efficiency, control, and performance for seamless energy conversion. Empower your solar system with confidence.

on grid solar kit

Create your own solar power system with our DIY solar kit. It includes everything you need for easy installation and harnessing clean, renewable energy. Embrace the freedom of renewable energy and take control of your power needs.

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